Clothworker’s Foundation – Deadline: Rolling

The Clothworkers’ Foundation aims through its funding to improve the quality of life, particularly for people and communities facing disadvantage.

The Clothworkers’ Foundation welcomes applications for the following two grants programmes: 

Main Grants Programme:

UK registered charities* with an annual operating income of under £15m.

Operating income is the normal day to day income of the organisation, such as money received from donations, grants, contracts, investments etc.

Exceptional income (such as money received for a major one-off fundraising initiative) can be excluded from the total income. Grants of over £1,000 for capital costs. 

The Small Grants Programme: decision within 8 weeks. o UK registered charities* with an annual turnover under £250k o Projects that cost less than £100k in total o Grants of between £500 and £10k for capital costs A charity which has received a grant in either the Main Grants Programme or the Small Grants Programme cannot apply again for at least five years. For more information and applications visit:

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