Householders reminded to check who's taking their waste away

Householders in Sandwell are being reminded to check who they are paying to take away their waste – or they could face a £400 fine.

The warning is part of an ongoing crackdown on fly-tipping across the six towns.

People must check they are using a registered, licensed person or company to dispose of items.

If people can't provide documents to show that a waste carrier they have used is licensed, or a fly-tipping incident is linked back to them, they face being fined £400.

Fly-tipping is illegally dumped waste. It might be household rubbish, garden waste, mattresses, construction materials (like bricks and rubble) or electrical items (fridges and freezers). Deputy Council Leader Councillor Maria Crompton said: "Fly-tipping can be dangerous, pollute land and waterways and costs the taxpayer significant amounts of money to clear away.

There is absolutely no excuse for fly-tipping. "In Sandwell, you will be fined £400 if you are caught fly-tipping. "We use CCTV and reports from the public to help identify the perpetrators of fly-tipping incidents. "By law, householders are also responsible for making sure the person who collects their waste is a licensed waste carrier, otherwise they could also face a £400. "Please, please check who is taking your waste away and help us prevent fly-tipping incidents in Sandwell." If you are worried that the fly-tipping is a danger to the public, for example if it is blocking a road or there are dumped chemicals, please call the council immediately on 0121 368 1177.

If it's not dangerous, please report it online at Householders in Sandwell face a £400 fine in the following situations:

• where fly-tipped waste can be traced back to an individual who is found to have failed to take reasonable steps to ensure they transferred the waste to an authorised person

• where an unauthorised carrier is found to be carrying household waste that was directly transferred to them by the householder

• where an individual is found to have transferred their household waste to an unauthorised person at a site that does not have a permit or exemption

To check if people are registered/licensed:

• ask to see their waste carrier’s certificate; they should show you the original copy

• do not use waste contractors that won’t show you this

• keep a record of their details in case they fly-tip your waste and it is traced back to you You can instantly check their waste carrier licence by calling the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506.

Or visit the Environment Agency's public register at: Bulky waste collections:

There is a bulky waste collection service for Sandwell residents living in houses or flats who have large household items such as furniture, fridges, freezers and other things that won't fit in your bin. Go to for more information.

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