Mission Statement and Core Values

SCIPS Mission Statement

"SCIPS is a non-political, independent, charitable organisation led by Sandwell residents.  We offer facilities, skills and expertise to provide a range of high quality services and a link for all communities to consult on local, regional and national, Housing and Regeneration issues.  SCIPS exist to enable an effective exchange of views and opinions, enabling communities to influence and affect change."


SCIPS Company Ethos

Sandwell Community Information and Participation Service is a community – led organisation guided by principles of empowerment, democracy and inclusion.  These principles form the fundamental ethos of the company, and are enshrined in our Mission Statement and expanded upon our Core Values.

Our core values are the basis upon which services are provided, projects developed, and the overall vision of the organisation realised.


Core Values

As a community-led organisation, principles of empowerment, Democracy, and Inclusion form the fundamental ethos of our company and are best illustrated within the core values we have set for ourselves.

  1. To continue to develop as an independent, non partisan, voluntary organisation which is controlled, managed and directed by members of communities in Sandwell.
  2. To provide communities with the skills and information necessary for them and their residents to participate in the decision making process, enabling them to influence issues which affect their homes and environment.
  3. To ensure equality of opportunity for all.  To actively encourage under represented communities and individuals to get involved with SCIPS and relevant participation structures to maximise input and influence at all levels.
  4. To enable and empower communities to set the agenda and focus on issues which are important to them.
  5. To continue to develop and secure the organisations financial future. Diversify the income base and plan sustainable financial strategy by attracting resources from a range of different sources.
  6. To ensure that we continue to work with a variety of partnerships to maximise resources, ensure value for money and develop a holistic approach to community development in Sandwell.


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