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Road closures during festival weekends at Sandwell Valley

Thursday, 16 September 2021


Visitors, businesses and residents are being reminded of the measures in place to minimise disruption ahead of two weekends of entertainment at Sandwell Valley Country Park. The country park in West Bromwich is hosting two weekends of festivals and music this weekend and next weekend:

• MADE Festival on 18 September 2021

• UB40 Live From the Valley on 19 September 2021

• Elrow Midlands on 25 and 26 September 2021

There will be a number of road closures around the Valley during both events. Residents and businesses located within the pink area shown on the map (see map provided) have been allocated parking permits to park during the festivals. Emergency vehicles and carers will be able to access to properties at all times.

A fully managed event traffic management plan has been developed for the events, which includes measures to ensure community impact is minimised where possible while ensuring the safety of event visitors.

These measures include:

• Controlled parking zone (8am - midnight)

• Resident access only road closures (8am - midnight)

• Road closures for a short period after each event to ensure the safety of visitors leaving the event (9pm to midnight)

The roads shown in the pink area (see map provided) which will be affected by the event traffic management are as follows:

• Salter’s Lane

• Warstone Drive

• Devonshire Drive

• Woodward Street

• Slaithwaite Road .

• Kiniths Way

• Lyndon Grove Kiniths Crescent

• Hallam Drive

• Hallam Close .

• Little Lane

• New Street North

• Park Crescent

• Christina Court

• Summer Street

• Stoney Lane

• St Clements Lane

• Taylors Lane

• Sandwell Road West

• Albion Field Drive

• Grafton Road

• Sheridan Street

• Graham Road

• Lloyd Street

• Dagger Lane

• Church Vale

• Parsonage Street

• Holyoak Street

• Lyndon Grove

• Cottrell Street

• Lewisham Street

• Temple Meadows Road

• Europa Avenue

• St Augustus Close

• St Caroline Close

• St Eleanor Close

• St John’s Close

• St Kenelm’s Close

• St Edmund Close

• St David’s Close

• St Benedict’s Close

• Priory Close

• St Christopher Close

• St Cuthbert’s Close

• At Valentine’s Close

• St Martin’s Close

• Offini Close

• St James Close There will also be a number of roads closed during the evening to ensure event visitors are able to leave the venue safely.

The following roads are closed from 9pm to 12 midnight on both weekends.

• Walsall Street

• Reform Street

• Seagar Street

• Hallam Street

• Lloyd Street

• Dagger Lane

• Church Vale (Dagger Lane – Parsonage Street)

• Cooper Street

• Park Street

• Treddles Lane Councillor Danny Millard, Sandwell Council’s cabinet member for culture and tourism, said: “We are very excited to be hosting some incredible festivals at Sandwell Valley after the difficult year we have had with Covid-19 pandemic. “We have worked with the event organisers to ensure that we minimise disruption to residents, visitors and businesses while these events take place at Sandwell Valley “We have put in place robust measures to ensure that residents and businesses can access their homes and businesses.

We have also made sure that emergency vehicles and carers can access homes and businesses at any time during the festival road restrictions.” Find out more about the measures in place in and around Sandwell Valley Country Park during festival weekends by visiting

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SpeedoMick Foundation (The) – Deadline: Rolling

Tuesday, 31 August 2021


The SpeedoMick Foundation awards grants to small, local charities working in line with the Foundation’s objectives – to work with groups supporting the vulnerable to:

 Advance education;

 Prevent or relieve poverty;

 Improve mental health, and;

 Improve physical health.

The Foundation has a particular focus on helping disadvantaged young people and the homeless with initial priorities for funding aimed at those charities whose projects include:

 Working with those who are homeless;

 Ex-offender rehabilitation;.

 General relief for people in need, and;

 The advancement of education. Amounts requested by applicants to be checked against pre-agreed criteria of % of funds available in SMF and amount requested from SMF as % of overall charity. More information at:

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Sandwell calls on residents to help catch fly-tippers

Tuesday, 31 August 2021


Residents of Blakedon Road in Wednesbury were dismayed by the criminal behaviour of fly-tippers last week.


They alerted Sandwell Council that on Friday 13 August a white tipper truck illegally dumped around 200 used tyres on council land. Sandwell is visiting all tyre companies to check their Duty of Care on how they dispose of waste tyres.

Sandwell is also asking all residents to get in contact if they have any further information about this incident, and encouraging everyone to report any other incidents of fly-tipping at on the council website.

Fly-tipping is a crime and it is not just ugly, it is bad for the environment, can be dangerous and hits people in the pocket as each time a there is a cost to clean it up. Council Leader Councillor Rajbir Singh said: “Fly-tipping is not just anti-social, it’s a crime. It can be dangerous, causes pollution and costs the taxpayers of Sandwell significant amounts of money to clean up and remove.

There’s absolutely no excuse for it and we need residents’ help to help stamp it out.” Deputy Council Leader Councillor Maria Crompton said the council used CCTV and information from the public to help identify the perpetrators of fly-tipping incidents.

She said: “If you are caught fly-tipping in Sandwell, you will be fined £400 and/or prosecuted.” Councillor Crompton also reminded householders that, by law, they are responsible for making sure the person who collects their waste is a licensed waste carrier, otherwise the householder could face a £400 fine.

If you have any information regarding fly-tipping please contact us in confidence on 0121 368 1177 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you are worried that fly-tipping is a danger to the public, for example, if it is blocking a road or there are dumped chemicals, call Sandwell Council immediately on 0121 368 1177. If it’s not dangerous, report it online via the council's fly-tipping webpage at The council’s webpage also has advice on how to check a waste carrier’s licence – or you can call the Environment Agency on 03708 506506.

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