The Inman Charity

The Inman Charity’s grant giving policy sees them supporting charitable work across a range of areas and giving grants in total of around £300,000 each year.

Whilst there is no minimum or maximum grant given, the Charity generally offers grants in the region of £3,000 to £5,000, however grants at times can be awarded at a higher amount than this.

The areas of interests where grants are offered to are:

•Medical research

•Care of the elderly

•General welfare


•The Deaf and Blind

•Care of the physically & mentally disabled

•The Armed Forces The Charity currently only offers grants to registered charities, therefore no other organisation types are eligible.

The Inman Charity has two annual deadlines, the end of February or the end of August to ensure attendance at Spring and Autumn Meetings.

The charity provides details of recent grants can be viewed on their website.

Applications can only be made via the post, with electronic applications not considered.

The Trust does not have an application form however applications must state their desired amount, any contributions received previously and a designated time for completion of the funded project.

Applicants must also a copy of the most recent audited accounts along with their application.

For more details of the Charity and how to apply, please visit their website

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