Wednesbury Christmas Parcel Appeal

After the huge success of Wednesbury 2000’s Christmas parcel appeal last year, they are appealing again this year for toy and food donations to be able to support families in need this Christmas.

Last year they created the Christmas parcel appeal project which supported 75 families over the Christmas period with food and toys.

They tailored the parcels to each family depending on family size, gender and hobbies to ensure everyone had exactly what was needed.

They managed to provide each child with 7 presents each with ranged from ball pits, scooters, football goal, princess dresses and many many more.

This year we are partnering with Communities in Sync to provide even more support where needed, so we’re hoping to build on this even further this year.

They are again asking you to see if you would be interested in supporting their project by making a donation if you can or by making a referral for a family in need (click here for referral form).

For more information or to make a donation call Kallianne on 07528389300 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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