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Sandwell Community Information and Participation Service Ltd (SCIPS)

SCIPS is known as an influential and trusted body within Sandwell’s community and voluntary sector. With SCIPS being a recognised membership led organisation - providing long term commitment and support to it's membership.

Founded over 20 years ago as a tenants and residents federation, the Company changed it's name to SCIPS in 2002, at the request of the Charity Commission during our application for charitable status. The Commission wanting us to reflect the inclusive ethos of the organisation more strongly in our name.

Membership eligibility has widened over the years and now covers tenants and residents plus:

  •  Anyone resident in the borough.
  •  Sandwell based community groups.

These changes to our membership arrangement coming as a result of our desire to widen participation, foster inclusivity and offer support to all our local communities.

As a recognised local infrastructure organisation, SCIPS is often approached to work in partnership with others. Sandwell MBC being our longest standing partner who we have  a highly successful and pioneering Service Level Agreement (SLA) with that recognises SCIPS unique local position that is built upon our longstanding reputation for independence and neutrality, that has gained us the trust and respect of local communities.

Other examples of our collaborative approach include highly successful projects with:

  • Sandwell Homes (Sandwell Tenant Inspector Project).
  • Greets Green Partnership (Greets Green Home Maintenance Project)

as well as our current venture working with Wednesbury 2000 Ltd.

All categories of SCIPS membership are free to join.

We encourage people to visit our website at were you will find more information - on how to joins SCIPS and the benefits membership offers to both group and individuals.

Wednesbury 2000 Ltd

Wednesbury 2000 Ltd is both a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. Formed in 1997 as a major community engagement and regeneration vehicle by the then vicar of St Bartholomew’s Church (Wednesbury’s main Parish Church), with finance from the Church Urban Fund.

The organisations primary purpose was set up to be ‘the promotion of all charitable purposes’ for the benefit of the local community, with particular (but not exclusive) emphasis on:

  • The advancement of education.
  • Promotion of good health.
  • The relief of poverty.

Since its creation many local residents have found that Wednesbury 2000 Ltd has been able to generate hope and positive action for many across the town.

Back in 1997 there was much frustration within the town at the levels of vandalism, burglary and an environment blighted by litter and graffiti. This led to the rise of a new sense of community spirit which could be driven by and managed through Wednesbury residents and leaders of voluntary and community groups across the town. Since its launch we have worked to develop and nurture this community spirit – and to show what the community is capable of achieving.

Early on the organisation was successful in securing grant funding to purchase the derelict old Post Office building on Holyhead Road. The building sits alongside the former Adult Education Building (also derelict), and the Town Hall and prestigious Art Gallery.

Since acquiring The Old Post Office, there has been a drive to redevelop the facility into a new Community Arts Centre. This began in earnest in 2010 with us securing £50,000 from the Big Lottery through the People's Millions scheme.

The local area around The Old Post Office and the town square has seen many recent improvements, and many local people recognise this as the start of a new beginning for the town – but this is one we have been helping to nurture for many years. Whether it is:

  • Managing the town’s Christmas lights,
  • Supporting local community groups through grant awards,
  • Working with over 100 stakeholder groups across the town,
  • Providing office incubation space for new businesses,

Wednesbury 2000 Ltd has being providing a subliminal support infrastructure too many individuals and groups for many years now.

The work undertaken by Wednesbury 2000 Ltd to date embodies on a small scale what; if it could be replicated on a large scale would be the keys to unlocking the vast potential within the people of our town.

Currently we are still too much of a fragmented community, much of the good work already being carried out is done piecemeal and in isolation from other work – although Wednesbury 2000 Ltd continue to highlight the potential that exists within the town and pointing the way forward to unlocking that potential.

If you want to find out more visit our website at

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