Bernard Sunley Foundation (The) Funding for Projects that Raise People’s Quality of Life (England & Wales) - Deadline: Rolling

Grants are available to charities, specialist schools, CIOs, and other not-for-profit

organisations including scout and guide groups, and housing associations, which are working to raise the quality of life for people in England and Wales. The Bernard Sunley Foundation aims to provide greater opportunities for the young, elderly, disabled, and disadvantaged by supporting capital projects in the areas of:

• Community, 21

• Education,

• Health,

• Social welfare. The types of projects that could be supported include:

• Improvements to village halls,

• Supporting children and adults with special educational needs and learning needs,

• Improvements to hospices and treatment clinics,

• Supporting day centres for the elderly. The Foundation offers three levels of grants.

These are large grants of £20,000 and above; medium grants of up to £20,000 and small grants of £5,000 and under. Large and medium grants are considered and agreed upon at Trustees’ meetings. Small grants are agreed by Trustees on a monthly basis and form the majority of grants awarded

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