Sandwell confirms new Public Spaces Protection Orders

Following a public consultation, Sandwell Council has agreed to the introduction of Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) relating to

alcohol, dogs and BBQs/fires in public spaces across the Borough For the last three years two boroughwide PSPOs related to alcohol consumption and dogs have been in place in Sandwell.

PSPOs last for three years before they need to be considered for renewal so we asked residents for their views about whether or not to renew these orders. The previous orders required people not to consume alcohol in an area where nuisance or disorder is occurring and to surrender any alcohol in their possession if asked by an authorised officer. In addition, anyone in charge of a dog had to pick up their dog’s faeces should it defecate whilst in their control. This year the council also confirmed that dog walkers will be required to carry an appropriate receptacle for dealing with their dog’s waste and making it an offence to allow a dog into a children’s play area / enclosed sports areas such as tennis courts which have been designed to exclude dogs.

A new prohibition relating to BBQs / fires on public land including campfires because of the fire risk was also considered. Cabinet decided that this order should be adopted A PSPO gives the council the power to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice in relation to anyone refusing to comply with any of these requests. Sandwell Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health and Communities, Councillor Syeda Khatun, said: “We have adopted these new PSPOs after consulting widely with many residents and businesses across all six towns. They told us that we all want to live in a pleasant place where people treat each other with courtesy and respect which is why they told us that this approach is appropriate which is why we will be delivering it.” Responses to the consultation revealed that:

• Alcohol – 97% in favour of continuing with this prohibition

• Dogs – 98 % in favour of continuing with existing prohibition

• 92% supported requiring dog owners to carry receptacles (poo bags) to clean up after their animals

• 91% supported excluding dogs from enclosed play / sports areas

• BBQs / Fires - 87% supported prohibiting BBQs / fires in public places

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