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Defibrillator fitted at Lightwoods House in Bearwood after Mayor helped collapsed woman

Tuesday, 17 March 2020


Sandwell Council's Public Health team has installed a defibrillator at Lightwoods House in Bearwood after the Mayor of Sandwell sprang into action to help save a woman who collapsed.

Councillor Dr Ann Jaron, who is a retired GP, was attending an event at the Grade II-listed community building when the woman fell ill.

The Mayor acted quickly to place her into the recovery position while an ambulance was called. The woman appeared to stop breathing but, fortunately, as the Mayor was about to take further action, the woman came round. Sandwell Council’s Public Health team arranged for the defibrillator to be installed and have also funded the cost of Lightwoods House staff being trained to use it.

The Mayor said: “The incident raised the importance of having a defibrillator machine placed in Lightwoods House. “With many people using the facility for events, classes, visiting the café or the park, it is an ideal location to have one fitted. The Mayor added: “When I was a junior doctor we had to lug about massive machines. New technology is lightweight and able to tell the difference between a stroke and other conditions, meaning it only shocks when needed. “Following my own experience, I knew that it was important this machine be placed here.

They should be in every community location to ensure the right treatment is given.

They are easy to use and, when you have the correct training, it is just a matter of confidence to use it. “They can even be used by people who have no training at all, bystanders just need to follow instructions. This might take a few seconds longer but could make all the difference until the paramedics arrive.” The incident happened in September and the woman is understood to have made a full recovery. Modern defibrillator machines are lightweight and record information on the patient whilst waiting for the ambulance arrive. They will only shock when necessary and are able to provide vital information to the arriving paramedics.

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Monday, 16 March 2020


URGENT NOTIFICATION Due to the potential numbers of apologies for this year's AGM, SCIPS Board have taken the difficult decision to postpone this event until further notice to prevent the possibility of an in-quorate AGM.

It is hoped that we will be able to reschedule the AGM in the next 3 months and will contact you in the next few weeks to book on for the new date.

All nominations made and accepted will stand at the new date and time.


Ann Marie Docker Chair of the Board of Trustees

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