Digi Diner

Helping the communities of Sandwell create their online social media profile.

Digi Diner is a 7 session course that enables learners to access and use social media safely and securely.

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The sessions have the advantage of being delivered individually, or as a full course.  It can be adapted for individual learners and for organisations to utilise.  The sessions consist of:

  • Understanding what social media is
  • setting up your social media account
  • The pros and cons of social media
  • Improving your impact – what to post and when (for groups)
  • Participative Social Media Strategy (for groups)
  • Evaluating and reporting your online impact (for groups)

"I feel comfortable at these sessions as they are conducted in the knowledge that not everyone is at the same level of competence and that some members require more assistance than others and support is readily available"